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Building art is a synthesis of life in materialised form. - Alvar Aalto

New hotel Igalo in Igalo, Montenegro
Special mention, competition project

Pich-Aguilera Arquitectos, Ksenija Bunjak, Vanja Panić

The project for the new Hotel Igalo in Igalo explores new ways of inhabiting the territory, in witch the topography, views, climate, vegetation and water are determinant ingredients. Located in a centre of Igalo, overlooking the sea and mountains behind, the hotel aims to preserve and restore exuberant natural garden. The use of vegetation oasis and water elements reinforces the concept. The centre of the garden is designed as an interior landscape oriented to the surrounding nature and the buildings which are presented as an organic wall. The hotel building stands as an extension of territory with the purpose of creating a vertical garden – porous and different façade capable to relate with both existing and new landscape. In this way, each room is shown as a pavilion with a specific view and natural ventilation.